DEMO—Results That Last: 7 Roles Every Manager Must Master

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DEMO—Results That Last: 7 Roles Every Manager Must Master

*This is a demo for the course Results That Last: 7 Roles Every Manager Must Master.*


The role of a manager is a tough gig. You are uniquely squashed between supporting the employees doing the heavy lifting (e.g. producing the product or serving customers), and the executives above rolling out their strategy and vision. It's easy to feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you've recently been promoted based on your exceptional technical skills. Or maybe you're feeling frustrated because you just can't seem to get the traction you need to make a difference. This highly-interactive course will help you master the 7 key roles of exceptional frontline managers, and ensure your team produces consistently, high quality results.

What's unique about this course is that with each unit, the frontline manager will be given a specific activity to go back and try with their teams in order to reinforce the concepts and solicit feedback that can be incorporated into their development. They then will also be given an opportunity to share their experiences with other learners and Karin through forum-style discussions.

This course is designed to enhance your skills, to open up communication with your team, and to give you tangible exercises to help your team improve. It's NOT designed to tell you how to lead or to ask you to lead with some ideal model. You will be asked to try on different roles, and to reflect on which are most comfortable for you. If you find yourself weak in a particular area, this may be an opportunity to not only work to develop these skills, but to also seek out these skill sets within others on your team.

Great leaders pull out the leadership in others. If you're not strong in an area, these exercises will expose you to the strengths of others on your team in this area. Do you absolutely hate the thought of doing one of the exercises? Ask a member of your team who you think "loves this stuff" to help you facilitate. Good luck!

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